Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Got Away

We went away this weekend. Not very far, but far enough to feel like we were away. We left Jack with my parents and shrugged off responsibility for a few days.

We walked through shops and soaked up the surprisingly warm weekend weather. We ate at every opportunity we had and took every chance to savor a cocktail or just some quiet time. We sampled rum and beer and wine (not all in the same day). We shopped and relaxed and rolled the windows down without any little voice shouting "I've had enough" or "I don't like windows down".

We stayed at "rustic" Inn where the water smelled but the view was fantastic. We didn't care or complain. We enjoyed the view. We ate outside as much as possible. We sat in silence taking it all in. We stayed out late and slept until the sun came streaming through our windows.

We watched the sunset on the edge of a cliff. We enjoyed a wedding and dancing and singing Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs. We ate too many cupcakes and brought chocolate bars and savored cups of coffee.

We remembered how we used to love road trips. How the windows down and Tom Petty blaring could remind us of what it was like to be 18. We acknowledged how such a short trip can revive you. We finished each others sentences and completed each others thoughts.

We took in the views and I tried to capture all the moments. We connected with family we hadn't seen in years and realized we had more in common than we thought. We embraced new friends and shared stories and laughed.

We made plans to go back, to take more road trips, to get away for just a bit. We found a new favorite spot, that for a weekend fit us so well. We were warm and for the first time in months the weather agreed with us.

We got away from it all, which is so very wonderful every once in a little while.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

April Happiness Project : Live Happy Link Up

I knew that at some point during my happiness project I was going to have to tackle fitness. I'm well aware that exercise causes endorphins and makes you happier and yet I still find ways to put it on the back burner. I'm full of excuses as to why I skip workouts or eat the extra cookie or have a second helping of pasta. But I would like to change that. I would like to make exercise a regular, positive part of my life. And I would also like to embark on a healthier lifestyle. I'm always saying that I want to eat less processed foods and to buy organic, maybe it's time I've started or at least made a better effort.

So here are my happiness goals for April

  • Hit 8000 steps on my fit bit everyday. I usually average about 7,000 so I'm taking it up a bit. 
  • Walk Bailey every day. The weather has been awful this winter and we've fallen out of our walk routine. 
  • Get outside more. 
  • Keep a regular workout routine, for me that's 3 days of weights and 2-3 days of good cardio (zumba or running). 
  • Give up meat for a month. Going vegetarian has been an idea that I've been toying with for a couple of months now and I want to see how my body feels without meat. 
  • Buy less processed food, I'm looking at you Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms. 
I'm hoping that by the end of the month I will have established some healthy routines and feel a difference in my body. I have to admit that even the thought of committing to good healthy goals is a little daunting and that the instant I decided no more meat I immediately wanted bacon. But I know all of these goals are worth trying. 

And really how hard can it be, it's not like I'm giving up wine or chocolate or cheese.

Have you ever given up something in order to make yourself happier?

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Happiness Update

My goal for March was to relax and when the month started I realized that I didn't really know how to do that. I constantly felt like I was on the go and that to-do lists and chores were always looming over my head. So I decided to try some new strategies to help me relax, here is what worked.

  • Listening to more music. I've always just enjoyed turning on my favorite songs, they put me in a great mood and turning the music up and singing along is a great way to relieve some stress. This month I made a conscious effort to turn on our stereo more. Jack and I listened to the Disney Pandora station a lot and I listened to the DMB station. Some days need a soundtrack and background music just makes things better. 
  • If I had to find one single thing that helped me feel more relaxed it would be getting up earlier. By having some "me" time at the beginning of the day I was able to get some things done and just have the quiet time I desperately need. There have been days where getting out of bed is hard but getting up early really has made my life much happier. 
  • No chores after 8 has worked as well and was a lot easier than I thought, though some days by stopping chores at 8 meant that I had more to deal with in the morning. 
Some of my strategies I'm still working on, specifically putting my phone down after 9. Many nights I found that John would be watching something on TV and I would check Facebook or browse Pinterest or read blogs on my phone. Which isn't awful but I feel like I should make better use of that time and do something like read a book. I did work on my never ending Mickey Mouse puzzle and I picked up my crocheting again.

The biggest change that made bedtime more relaxing was surprisingly ending Jacks afternoon nap. While there were a few (OK a lot) really long days, by the time bedtime came around Jack was exhausted and went right to bed. Which put an end to the endless curtain calls at bedtime leaving time for me to unwind and relax.

Last week I sat down and watched Frozen for the second time and as I was sitting there eating a snack on the couch I realized I was truly relaxing, no distractions, no work sitting on the back burner. And it felt really good, to just enjoy something as simple as a movie.

This month the happiness project is moving in bigger and better directions. I recently found out that my friend Jennifer was planning to start a happiness project and we've teamed up to bring more happiness to our lives and hopefully to the lives of our readers with a Live Happy Link Up. 

Each month we will be focusing on a different area of our lives to focus on simplifying and improving. We are kicking off the link up on April 7th with our month long focus on Fitness. Increasing, improving and working towards better overall health. 

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