Monday, October 20, 2014

Giving My Closet a Fashion Fix Up

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Last month when I changed over my closet from summer to winter, I realized that my winter wardrobe is in a sad state. Actually it's been that way for awhile. After I had Jack I let my wardrobe grow stale. And with each season that passes I find that I like the clothes in my closet less and less. I'm a creature of routine and tend to be drawn to the same styles over and over again. Comfy cardigans, plaid button up shirts and hoodies are the staples of my closet. And while I love some of them, I have been feeling like lately I gravitate to the same few outfits.

Which is why last month after I swapped the seasons, I ordered a Stitch Fix. I had heard a lot of great things about it from a few friends and had been debating trying it out. I had put off trying it for so long because I like shopping for myself and I like to think that I have a good grasp on my sense of style. I didn't feel like I needed styling.

Yet my closet said otherwise.

My first Stitch Fix arrived the day I got back from Disney and I was so excited to check it out. It came beautifully packaged with all of the pieces wrapped in tissue paper. It was like unwrapping a present.

Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix box

On top to the clothes was a note from the stylist explaining why she picked each piece and some suggestions on how to style them together. Attached were some pictures of different outfits featuring the pieces. When I ordered my Stitch Fix they asked me to share a Pinterest board that I have about fashion, and luckily I have one, that has all the stylish outfits I wish I had. In the note from the stylist she mentioned that she used the board to help pick out my outfits. I think this definitely contributed to me having a great Stitch Fix experience.

Stitch Fix
Note from my Stitch Fix stylist

Here's What I Received:

Just Black - Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean
Papermoon - Holden Striped Sheer Short sleeve Blouse
Market and Spruce - Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket
Market and Spruce - Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee
Gilli - Amara Maxi Skirt

I liked each item that was in the box and if money was not a concern I would have brought the whole box but some choices had to be made.

The Just Black Jeans fit great, are soft and are a nice dark wash that I can dress up for a girls night out or a date night. I hate buying pants so it was nice to get a pair that I liked so much and were at the price point that I usually spend on jeans. A definite keeper.

The Papermoon striped top was really cute and the colors were just my style. But I found the large stripes to be a bit overwhelming on my small frame.

Stitch Fix Just Black Jeans Papermoon top
Just Black skinny jeans and Papermoon striped top

The Market and Spruce Anorak Jacket was easily my favorite item. The moment I saw it I was in love. Just last week I had thought that I really needed a fall jacket but that I never buy myself one, and now here sitting in my room was the perfect jacket. I love the fit of it and that it's a little roomy so I can wear a sweater under it. It was a keeper. I wore it that night.

Stitch Fix Anorak Jacket
Market and Spruce Anorak Jacket and Just Black

The Market and Spruce Tee was just my color, grey and while I know that the hi-lo look is in, it doesn't work on me.

Hi-lo tee and jeans
Market and Spruce Hi - Lo Tee and Just Black Jeans

I loved the Gilli Amara Maxi skirt, the color was fabulous but it was a little too long and while I could probably make the length work, I have at least half a dozen maxi skirts so I passed on this.

Once I made my decisions, I logged onto Stitch Fix and paid for the items I was keeping. The $20 cost of the getting a Stitch Fix is deducted from the purchase. Then I put the items that I wasn't keeping in the postage paid bag, and put it in my mailbox. Easy peasy.

Will I Stitch Fix Again?

Yes, I'm really excited to set up and order another Stitch Fix. The whole experience was fun and while I didn't keep all of the items, I liked each of them. It really felt like they were hand picked for me. Also it was nice to treat myself to some much needed updates to my wardrobe. While I love shopping, in the past few years life has changed and I don't really have the time to shop regularly with my girlfriends or my mom, so it was to feel like I had someone elses input on these items.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dinner and Drinks

We're back from vacation... sigh. And that means back to routine and meal planning, because the Disney dining plan clearly doesn't work at home. Trust me, I tried scanning my magic band at Wawa and they looked at me like I was nuts.

This week I'm craving comfort foods and fall foods. Here is what is on this weeks Meal Plan:

meal plan with wine pairing

Monday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese it, doesn't get more comfort food than that. I love this simple tomato soup that my friend Marci from Vegging at the Shore shared with me last winter. It's perfect, simple and delicious. Also the recipe makes enough for me to freeze half, perfect for those weeks when you don't have time to cook.

Tuesday: I've been waiting for Fall to make one of my favorite pumpkin dishes, pasta with pumpkin sauce and sausage. While at first this might sound a bit different, it is excellent. I've been making it for a few years now and John always looks forward to it. I try to make it a few times throughout the fall.

Wednesday: Days that I work are perfect for crock pot meals like this easy chicken tortilla soup. I love that I can put everything in before I go to work and come home to a wonderful meal. I also love soups that are a complete meal which this soup definitely is.

Thursday: Taco night. I'm making tacos with ground turkey. Honestly my favorite part of tacos is the toppings, so mine will be loaded with tomatoes, guacamole, cheese and sour cream.

Friday: Our weekends are pretty busy this time of year, so we will likely have pasta or leftovers. I'm also planning on making Pumpkin Soup, which I love but I'm not sure my boys feel the same way.

Wine Pairings for this week. 

cucao wine el encanto wine

 For a red wine I recommend Cucao Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon  a delicious red wine from Chile, with lots of fresh fruit aromas followed by hints of spiciness. It's great on it's own or would pair well with the tacos or the tortilla soup. Priced at under $15 a bottle.

For a white wine I suggest El Encanto Trebbiano Chardonnay from Chile. It's got hints of tropical fruit, a taste you don't regularly find in Chardonnay. And would pair well with the pumpkin soup, tomato soup or the pumpkin pasta with sausage. At about $10 a bottle you can't go wrong with El Encanto wines.

I purchased both wines at Passion Vines, my local wine shop.

Did you know you can shop for wine online?

What's on your menu this week? Check out all the recipes on Pinterest.  Looking for more meal plans, check out my other meal plans and recipes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Not Glamorous

The 6 am wake up call. Before the coffee has been made and the sun has come up and my body has had a chance to wake up.

Making a piecemeal breakfast of cheerios and granola and juice for a three year old who wants to eat nothing and everything at the same time.

Trying to eat my breakfast in one sitting, drink a hot cup of coffee and have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband in between "more cheerios please" and "more juice" and "turn my shows on".

And constantly saying out loud and to myself, "I can only do one thing at a time" and "everyone has a right to eat breakfast you need to wait a minute".

It's holding his hand in the bathroom and helping with all bathroom related activities.

It's can I have a snack approximately 3 minutes after he was so full from breakfast.

It's the laundry and the dishes that never ever seem to go away. It's cleaning up a mess in one room only to find a mess in another.

And never ever getting ahead no matter how hard I try.

It's do I shower? Or workout? Or write? Or just let it all go.

We watch too much Disney Jr. He dances and sings along and I think TV can't be all bad.

It's hugs and kisses and sneak hugs and "I just love you too much Mommy".

It's looking at the clock and realizing that he's been playing quietly.

It's what's for lunch? Is lunch ready yet? Why does my food have to be hot? Why must it take so long? I can't wait mom.

It's I'm so full. Can I have a snack.

It's accomplishing nothing between 1 and 3 when he used to nap and now all he does is whine, eat, drink and shout Mom.

It's quiet time which is more of a hopeful request than an event that actually takes place.

It's hoping to write something or fold some laundry or get a workout in.

Between planning a camping trip for Mickey Mouse and making sure all of the stuffies have had a check up and playing trains.

Then giving him the Ipad while I attempt to do a work out and take a shower in under an hour. And coming out of the shower to "Mom I need a snack" "Mom are you done yet, I need milk".

There's bargaining and wait a minutes and just a seconds. And trying to remember that he is little for only so long. And that some day he won't need me for these little things.

It's sitting down to type and not completing a sentence. And abandoning the growing to do list again to play and watch a movie and just be cozy together.

It's elbows and feet and being pushed and shoved and sat on, and him sticking his foot in my face and laughing. Followed by "Mom I tooted on you".

And then getting up for another cup of coffee because it's been hours and the last one didn't do the trick.

And of course it's nearly time for another meal, so I stare down the fridge and figure out what to make vs what he will eat vs what we will eat and watch the clock wondering how it is still so early but feels so late.

It's days that are long and full and tend to roll together. Did he get a bath last night or was that two nights ago? And is it OK to serve pasta again?

Dinner is filled with mind your plate and please eat your dinner and don't let the dog get that. And the husband isn't even home yet.

It's sitting in the bathroom while he takes a bath, knowing that I probably don't need to be there but that I'm just not ready for these days to be over. It's that I'm typing this out on my phone while listening to him laugh and play and imagine. And that I feel lucky in that moment.

There's the pictures on my phone that I post to Instagram and Facebook of all the "pretty" things we do and the "cute" things that I wear. It's all so carefully curated. But more often the pictures and the days are like this, like today. It's filled with joy and fun and frustration. It's not glamorous but it's all mine and I wouldn't change a bit of it.