Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Luxury's at Wyndham Hamilton Park

I receive a media rate while staying at the Wyndham Hamilton Park through the travel campaign with New Creative Media.   All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Any additional expenses incurred were my own.

If you follow me on social media then you know that this past weekend I've been doing some traveling. While my plans to attend Blogger Bash in NYC had been in place for a few months, I had a last minute opportunity to extend my time away from home, with a trip to the Wyndham Hamilton Park in Florham Park, New Jersey with my friend Jennifer.  And since I was celebrating Birthday week, this was one trip I wasn't passing up.

As a Mom time to myself and time with friends is something that I've learned to treasure. I spend most of my day making sure that Jack, John, Bailey and the house are all taken care of before I even think about doing something for myself. When traveling the level of energy I put into ensuring my families happiness is taken up a notch. But this weekend was different, my time at the Wyndham Hamilton Park allowed me to take some time for myself and to enjoy all the little things that make travel fun for me.

5 Little Luxury's at Wyndham Hamilton Park

1. The beds and having it to myself. At home it's John, the dog and I in our bed but here it was just me and it was such a comfortable bed. The room was dark enough at night and didn't suffer from that curtain gap that happens at many hotels and lets too much light in. The bed was really comfortable and the sheets were just the right weight so I never got too hot or too cold which is sometimes the case at a hotel. Plus I love the reading lights above the bed, which made it easy for me to go to sleep and for my roommate to stay up.

2. Bath and Body works products in the room. I love that the room featured the True Spa line from Bath and Body works as their lotion is one of my favorites. Nice toiletries are one of my favorite things about staying in a hotel and I'm a sucker for great body products.

3. The number of towels in the room was 4 not 3. Many hotels have 3 of the big towels in the room and a bunch of little itty-bitty ones. Not so at the Wyndham Hamilton Park. There were 4 towels which meant that there was enough towels for Jenn and I to shower and dry our hair. I know it's a little thing but the lack of towels in hotels is a pet peeve of mine.

4. Breakfast at Arrive. The coffee bar outside of Arrive is inviting and the high top tables feature IPads for guests to use. But for me Arrive is where it's at. The breakfast buffet was delicious and full of options such as fruit, bagels and lox, made to to order omelets and waffles, oatmeal, and yogurt in martini glasses. The coffee was good and strong. It was a small luxury for me to sit and enjoy a hot breakfast and even go back for seconds.

5.  The Wyndham Hamilton Park made this girls weekend completely relaxing. We had ample space in our room, we enjoyed dinner at Vanderbilt's where the food was good and the service did not rush us along. We had happy hour drinks at Vanderbilt's as well and the bar was fun and had a relaxing atmosphere. The staff at the Wyndham Hamilton Park was friendly and attentive. There is also a shuttle that can take you within 5 miles of the hotel, which was perfect for when we went to dinner in downtown Morristown.

I so rarely get to do things that are just for me and enjoying a girls weekend away was a big luxury for me. All the little ways that the Wyndham made me feel comfortable and special were so appreciated. It's hard for me to set time aside for myself and my friends but this weekend made me realize that my life needs more little luxuries.

In full disclosure I received a media rate while staying at Wyndham Hamilton Park. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fun

I turned 33 on Wednesday and I've been celebrating all week.

One of my favorite bloggers Shell from Things I Can't Say is also celebrating her birthday this week. She asked me to share a little bit about how things have changed since I was younger. I would love it if you headed over to Shell's place to see what I have to say about getting older... I mean better.

Days of Summer will be back early next week, though I'm not sure I can cram all the awesome that has been Birthday week into one post.

Be sure to check out last years Birthday post it was one of my favorites.

32 has been a great year and I thank all of you for your support and love through your comments, likes and Facebook messages.

I'm currently at Blogger Bash in NYC. Make sure to follow along with the fun on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Year of Yes

On the night of my 32nd birthday I told John that this year was going to be the year of yes. That I was going to say, "yes" to everything. I was going to take on new things, seize new opportunities and have new adventures. I was going to say yes, without hesitation or reservation.

My thirties for me have been an amazing time and in many ways so much better than my 20's. In my 20's there was still a level of insecurity, still trying to find my place and be ok in my own skin. My 20's were drinking my way through bars and staying out way too late. They were for bad decisions and indecision and entirely too many things that involved the words jaeger and shots. And while all of that was great at 20 and I loved my 20's. I find myself much more comfortable in my own skin now. I find that I"m easier on myself, I have my own sense of style I'm not trying to mimic or copy anyone or fit in. In my 30's I've let my guard down, I don't thrive on drama and gossip two things that fueled so much of my 20's.

And with being comfortable with yourself comes a the desire to put yourself out there more, experience more. So this year I've said, "yes' a lot. And it has been amazing. I've had some really great experiences. I've met the Second Lady of the United States, the Philly Phanatic and Ronald McDonald all in the same week. . I've been to a blogging conference and media events. I've taken Jack on adventures on my own. We've played with pirates, visited water parks and pumpkin patches.

I've joined clubs and brought people together. I've made friends, so many that this morning Jack said, "Mommy you have a lot of friends". And there was a time in this mothering thing that I didn't think that was possible, that I couldn't see outside this bubble of having a baby and being lonely. I've turned being a SAHM into a job that I love.

I've pushed the blog harder this year and have bigger plans for it next year. I've met people who push me to do more and inspire me. And I have a life that in so many ways is blessed and some mornings I pinch myself. Life is good today.

With Author Andre Dubus.

And yet this past month I've become a bit burn out on all the things I've said "yes" too. The moms night outs, the activities, the trips to fun places. I've felt overextended and tired and a bit cranky about all of it. And while I still have fun I find myself longing to be home just enjoying my place and my space. So I'm ending the year of yes by saying no. I'm saying no to heading too far from home and no to having our calendar filled. I'm saying no to big adventures and yes to those that involve bike rides and trips to the local beach. I'm saying yes to spending time at our pool and enjoying cocktails with our neighbors. I'm saying yes to downtime and not being on a schedule.

Wizard World Press / DSMM OTR

The year of yes has been wonderful and powerful but saying no can be just as powerful and inspiring. It can force me to slow down and take things in rather than always rushing around. And that's what I want from 33 more balance, less scheduled, more free-spirted and more amazing adventures. Adventures that start the day after my 33rd birthday, in New York City at Blogger Bash, the last big "yes" I made while 32. I'm looking forward to celebrating in The City with friends old and new.

SUP Marco Island

Jack is very excited for my birthday, and asked how old I would be, and I replied 33. And I expected him to say, "that's old" instead he said, "that's awesome". Yes it is.

If you are a blogger friend heading to Blogger Bash I would love to meet up with you!