Thursday, August 28, 2014

6 Stages of Quitting Facebook

Last week I deleted the Facebook App off my phone. There was no real rhyme or reason to it but a friend posted on Facebook that she was deleting the app and I thought, "wow that must be freeing". And then I thought if she could do it why couldn't I? So before I could change my mind I deleted it.

Here is what happened when I deleted the Facebook App from my phone.

Stage 1- Relief. You are flooded with feelings of relief. Like a clean break up you were done with that time suck. No more wasting time on that for you. You are free!

Stage 2 - Panic!! You are alone. No more status updates, no friendly likes or comments. You are on your own. You frantically scour your phone for signs that Facebook still exists.

Stage 3 - Denial. You didn't need that app, what did it ever do for you anyway. Besides you could always check it on your phone browser or the Ipad or the lap top. You so don't need it.

Stage 4 - Regret. Maybe it's time you take him, err the app back. Check your email, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Why isn't anyone updating anything? Debate downloading Google+ App but remember it's like Facebooks sad lonely cousin.

Stage 5 - Realization. Pick up phone look for Facebook app, remember you deleted it, put phone down. Repeat 10-12 times and realize maybe you had a problem.

Stage 6 - Acceptance. Sit down at your lap top and check Facebook. Realize that you've missed nothing. Except maybe a few dozen cat memes, lots of complaints, pictures of people's kids / pets and people who you would never hang out with in real life.

Repeat this cycle for 1-5 days and I'm sure you too can kick your Facebook App habit.

I still check Facebook on my computer but without the App I'm spending a lot less time checking in and mindlessly scrolling which leaves me time for other things like Pinterest and Candy Crush! JK!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Am A Good Mom

My friend Elaine started this wonderful idea of sharing why we are good moms. It's so easy to get on the "mom fail" kick or to talk of all the ways we've messed up, lost our temper or weren't the best mom ever.

Sometimes it's hard to say "I'm a good mom". Sometimes it feels like bragging to say, "I'm a good mom". Sometimes I feel like saying, "I'm a good mom" implies that I make no mistakes, that I have all the answers, that I'm the perfect mother. And that's not true. Good does not equal perfect.

Yes, I am a good mom.

I let my son play with glitter...outside of the house.

I let him paint.

I let him play with play doh but not near the carpet.

I make him healthy meals, even though he doesn't always eat them.

I play games with him.

I make him do things on his own, even when he doesn't want to cause fostering independence is important people!

I talk to him like he's my equal.

I explain things to him.

I make up fun stories for him.

We read every night before bedtime, even when he goes to bed extra-super late.

I occasionally let him stay up extra super late.

I keep him on a good bedtime routine and a regular bedtime.

I join Moms Club and playgroups and mommy and me classes for both of us.

I step outside my comfort zone.

I make him step outside his comfort zone.

I let him help me, even when it doesn't feel like help.

I give hugs, kisses, snuggles, extra high-fives. I bring milk and cookies and kiss boo-boo's. I answer shouts of "MOMMY" in the middle of the night and when he wants another snack or when Jessie accidentally comes on the Disney channel and when he can't find Mickey and when my patience is low.

I am a good mom.

We are all good moms even if we don't do it exactly the same way, in fact we are even better moms when we do it our own way. When we know what's best for our kid, when we understand them and their needs. When we love them unconditionally. I am a good mom, and so are you.

What makes you a good mom?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 Things I Need to Get Back To This Fall

We have fallen really far from our routines this summer. Let's just say on Friday night Jack went to bed at 11:00 because we were at a friends house and everyone was having too much fun to call it at night. Which if you know me is totally unheard of. I've been trying to let go of the routine but this summer I feel like I've really veered off track. 

With fall just around the corner I really feel the need to get back to our routine. Back to the things that keep the house going, that keep me sane and keep life running smoothly. 

Happiness Project

Back in January I started a happiness project to make little changes to make my life happier. In June I kinda burnt out on it and let it go. I would like to get back to it in some form because it kept me focused. Every month I had little changes I was making and I was keeping up with them, like keeping the kitchen counter free of clutter, getting up earlier and attempting to get caught up on my photo albums.


We are so lacking in a routine right now. The other day we sat in our PJ's till noon and then I remembered I needed something for a party we were going to that night so I ran to the farm stand and let Jack go in his PJ's. Which is something I would usually never do. And while it's nice to just lounge, I need routine or else nothing gets done.


We have been slacking on bedtime, as I said Jack went to bed at 11 the other night and most weekends bedtime has been about 9:00 which means he is really tired come Monday. I need to get back to our regular bedtime before school starts.

Getting Up Early

With the Happiness Project I started getting up earlier and it was great I got my writing done and had some time to myself. It was easily the best change I had made. But l lost my Fitbit back in July and since then have slacked on getting up early. The Fitbits alarm made it easy for me to get up early but without it I just can't seem to get out of bed at 6. And I'm seriously bummed that I lost my Fitbit.

Meal Planning

I can't remember the last time I planned meals for the week. Since joining a CSA I've just been going with the flow which is great but there have been many nights where John asks what's for dinner and it's 5:00 and I don't have a clue. I don't like feeling that way and I like knowing what to make. I need to get back to having a better meal plan.

Working Out

Since school let out my workout routine has been on the back burner. There have been some weeks where I've gotten 3 workouts in and some where I've gotten none in. I don't like the inconsistency at all.

Me Time

I know as a mom "me time" is a bit of a joke. But this summer I've had some but it hasn't been consistent. When Jack is in school I know that on these days I will have a few hours to myself to get things done like exercise and work and even just food shopping. I'm looking forward to that. I'm already planning time to sit and work at a new coffee shop and walking the bridge on a beautiful fall day. 
What routines do you need to get back to?
Time for Mom