Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When I Lack Patience

Watching the rain fall

Some days I wake up and I don't have an ounce of patience in me. As if  I ran out of patience and my battery never recharged. Some days I want to pull the covers back over my head and hide away until the day passes. Some days I want a quiet room and a good book and my favorite music and nothing else.

And some days there are too many questions before the coffee is even poured and I find that I don't have words or answers, and just need some quiet. His energy and joy bounce off me and all I hear are demands for milk, breakfast, television and toys. Some days I can't rise above the noise and be the person I want to be.

Some days I'm just exhausted from the days that have come before and the thought of those that will come after. The relentless, repetitive days, where I push through till bedtime.

Some days my head wants to go back in time. To before kids when I could lay on the couch on a rainy day and watch movies or to my teen years when I could turn my music up loud and read or write for hours uninterrupted.

Some days the hours pass by and I don't know what I did with them but I know they drained me. Some times at night I close his bedroom door and feel a wash of relief, that we made it. That the demands and the "mom, mom, mom" and the "I want, I need, Can you's" are done for the day.

Some days I find that even after the day has been long, I miss the sound of his voice, the feel of his hand reaching for mine, the patter of his feet across the floor.

Some days even in my exhaustion and lack of patience I find I want the day back. That I want one more hug, one more kiss, one more chance to have this day again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Days of Summer Week 2

Two weeks into summer vacation and I'm loving it. We have been having so much fun and summer time just feels right.

Sunday June 21

We spend the day in Sea Isle on the beach. Jackson had a great time with his Uncle Mark, they threw a football into the Ocean more times than I can count. Then we went out for a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Sea Isle, Andrea's Trattoria.

Monday June 22

It was hot! We spent most of the day in the pool and our neighbors joined us late in the afternoon and we swam till it got dark out.

Tuesday June 23

Another hot day, I split my day working from home and swimming in the pool. It was actually a great day and I wish working from home could be that easy and fun every day. We made a stop at the library to pick up some new books and discovered this great photo prop set up.

Wednesday June 24

I went to work, only to find out there was no power and the cell towers for Verizon were out, so I went home to work since I was one of the only people with cell service since I don't have Verizon. Best part about working from home was getting to pour a glass of wine at the end of the day and sit on the patio.

Thursday June 25

Back at work for the day. John worked late and Jack got home from my parents late, so I ended up eating some gelato for dinner, cause you know summer time.

Friday June 26

The weather wasn't great and there was a lot that needed to get done. I recently became president of my local Moms Club, and that night I hosted my first executive board meeting. We had a lot of laughs and good food and stayed up too late. I'm looking forward to a good year of working with these ladies.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ginger Apple Ale with a Twist

Today my friend Dee of From Wine to Whine is here to share a great cocktail recipe. Dee is a girl after my own heart, cause she is a fellow wine lover. Make sure to visit Dee over on Facebook.

Yay it's Friday!! Who's ready for a drink?!

But before we get to the good stuff, I'm Dee your Mommy Blogger
mixologist for the day! I blog over at From Wine to Whine. My drink
for you all is a Ginger Apple Ale with a Twist.

Ginger Apple Ale with a Twist
1/2 cup Ginger Beer
1/4 cup Sprite
1/4 cup Apple Juice
1/2 of a lime

Slice an apple & a lime as a garnish
Pour. Mix. Drink.

If you've never had Ginger Beer it's sold at most liquor stores. And
although it's labeled a beer it's not very beerish. It's sweet and
possibly a bit thicker then a normal beer. You can drink it straight
from the bottle or add ingredients! If you are feeling creative it's a
good starting point for a drink because it's pretty neutral.